Taking A Look Back

It’s almost been a year since I turned twenty one. I’ve still got two months to go until my birthday, but it’s still pretty damn close. Knowing that my birthday is just around the corner has made me look back on this past year and really analyze it dissect it. My twenty first year of life has thrown so much at me that it’s hard to remember it all. These past ten months have given me life’s toughest lessons that I never knew I was capable of overcoming. I never knew that I was strong enough to take on such battles, but I surprised myself and I’m glad that I did.

One of the most important and yet saddest things that I’ve learned this year is that family isn’t always going to be there for you. It’s no surprise that my family is a dysfunctional mess. There are countless posts about my various family members on here. Everyone hopes that their family will always be there to support them in countless life choices, but as I’ve learned this year, that’s not always the case. The saying goes that you can’t choose your family, and that’s very much true, but I can choose who I consider my family. I’ll always have my blood related family and that’s never going to change. But the truth is that my closest friends are who I consider and think of as my family. They’ve stood by me and supported me in my hardest moments where my blood-related family chose not to.  It’s one of life’s greatest lessons that I’ve learned in my twenty first year of life.


I’ve experienced some pretty great moments this year that I’ll never forget. I’ve made some amazing friends that I hope I’ll never lose. This year I laughed so much that I didn’t even think it was possible to laugh as much as I did. I’ve also experienced the lowest of lows this year where I didn’t think I could ever recover. I thought I experienced rock bottom only to have more thrown at me and bring me down lower than I’ve ever been before. Admittedly, this year I’ve experienced more downs that ups, but that’s just a part of life. I’ve lived and I’ve definitely learned. I’ll continue to do so all my life just like everyone else in the world.

I can’t wait to see what twenty two brings to the table. My only wish is that I have more highs than lows, but I also know that it’s all completely up to me.


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