Best friends: it’s a promise, not a label


Lately I’ve been more aware than ever that my friends are true family. Specifically though, there have been two of my friends who have been more like sisters to me than my own sisters could ever be. They stand by me through thick and thin, the good and the bad. They’re there to share the great moments of my life with me as well as the not-so-great. They don’t judge me just like I’d never judge them. I don’t take them for granted, but I don’t think that I say thank you to them nearly enough. Both of them live in different states and its a huge bummer that I can’t see their faces every day. So this post is for the two lovely ladies who have helped me in more ways than they know.

I’m not exactly sure how we met when I moved to Chicago, but I do know that it involved an elevator and the need of a pan…or pot…something like that. As it turned out, we lived just down the hall from each other and we fast became friends. It started out as us getting ready to go out and standing in our doorways asking each others opinion on our outfits…and after that the rest was history. You really were my first friend I made in that big city all by myself. I’ll never forget that one time I got drunk wasted and went to that party with you and a few other people. I’ll also never forget how I smacked that water bottle out of your hand when you were really just being a good friend. Those times when you’d come home from work and stop by with left over pizza…yasss! Free pizza=the best pizza. It’s because of you that I had the best art wall in the entire building. I”m also pretty sure that I still have all of those ‘art pieces’. To this day I still know every word to “What Hip Hop Taught Me” by Jenna Marbles and I still die of laughter when I watch it. I’m pretty sure we watched it at least 50 times that night and memorized it…no shame. No shame at all.

Even though I ended up moving after the school year, I’m so happy that we kept in touch and didn’t let the distance get in the way of our friendship. We made sure to keep in contact and I’d make the trip to Chicago whenever possible. You were there for me when my house was crazy and my youngest sister was in and out of the hospital. You let me vent about her craziness and how much I hated living there. You let me vent about my new family and how much certain ones got on my nerves. One of the things that I’m most grateful for is that you listen to me, you let me vent. And when I’m done talking, you tell me not what I want to hear, but what I need to hear. No matter how much I don’t like what you’re saying, I also know that you’re right. You don’t hold anything back and you pull me back to reality. You know everything there is to know about my crazy life and equally crazy family. You’ve been there for me through the truly difficult times in my life…especially as of lately. You made it a point to stand by me and my decision this past summer with no judgement. I don’t think that you’ll ever know just how much I appreciate that…I always will. You pulled me out of my downward spiral…multiple times I have to add. And when I feel myself getting pulled deeper into that blackness, you’re there to bring me back to reality. It’s not always nice and most of the times you’re pretty harsh, but it has to be said. I may not be totally out of the darkness, but I’m working on it and you’re there to yell at me if I fail.


It’s already been almost four years and we’ve lived hours away from each there for three of those years. It just goes to show how strong a friendship can be. We can go months and months without seeing each other and it just doesn’t faze our friendship. I’m pretty sure that since I’ve left Chicago, we’ve only seen each other face-to-face….five or six times in those three years. You’re my concert buddy when there’s a show I want to see in Chicago. That night that we drove around Chicago…bahahaha that was pretty unforgettable. Like what even happened…really? I’ll never forget that time you helped me sneak puppy Layla into the fireworks downtown…and then reassured me that she wasn’t deaf from the fireworks. Or how about when we snuck her into Olga’s in my purse? hahaha.  Though I’m sure that playing ‘can Layla fit?’ is going to be a bit more tough now…bummer. The truth though is that you’re one of my best friends and I don’t know where I’d be if you weren’t my friend. I look forward to meeting up with you on random trips or even just spending a legit day together hanging out….on Skype. I’m pretty sure that only with you can we Skype and go to and laugh and critique (sometimes seriously) various pictures of boy’s penis’. But for real though…I just want to say thank you for being such an amazing friend to me. I don’t ever want you to feel like I don’t appreciate you or that I take you or your friendship for granted. This is just a short little thank you…because I’m sure that I could go on for a few pages about how awesome you are.


Now onto my other best friend for lyfe. My ride or die chick. To say that we became fast friends is an understatement. We haven’t even known each other a year yet…one more month will make it a year! You and I met second semester last year in class. I almost didn’t sit at that table, but I’m so happy that I swapped tables. I knew right away that you were an awesome person and that was proved almost immediately. Sure our class was absolute bullshit, but we made the best of it…right? Haha. Once you found out that I wasn’t 21 yet…you kept on telling me that once I turned 21 that we’d have to go out and get drunk together. You also kept on ‘forgetting’ that I wasn’t 21 yet and repeatedly invited me out to get drinks…you bitch. But when I did turn 21, I still remember that I bought your ass a drink that night at Mcfaddens…on my birthday. I don’t think that I’ll ever let you forget that. As soon as my birthday happened though, we became friends so quickly…it was crazy how easy it was to trust you and consider you one of my best friends. Many of my highlights and favorite memories from this year include you in someway. One of those times is when we went to Gardella’s before our final and had two Oberon’s…and a shot…or two. And to make it worse is that our presentation was on sex trafficking…whoops. But we aced our final, so clearly we weren’t that drunk! Or how about that time we went to Stella’s and drank two pitchers of Sangria?

Sure we went out a lot and got drunk, I mean Founders was pretty much our second home, but it wasn’t just about drinking. When we hangout, which was pretty much every day, you had the crazy ability to make me forget about anything bad going on in my life. I don’t think that I’ve ever laughed that much with one person in my life before. And the best part about it is that we end up laughing over nothing….seriously nothing at all…we’re just laughing, but we both know exactly why the other one was laughing. We’ll laugh for ten minutes straight, look at each other again, and continue laughing until out sides really do hurt. Yeah getting drunk with you was always fun, but our laughing fits were the best. I still remember that time we left Jon’s house and were driving back to your place…and we laughed the entire way there. You had to pull over because we were laughing so hard. There are seriously so many great times that I’ve had with you in the short time that I’ve known you and it makes me and my heart so happy. And as many times that we’ve just been straight up goofy and silly as shit, we can also be serious. Like I said earlier, it’s crazy how fast I was able to open up to you about everything from serious and depressing to hilarious and embarrassing. You’re one of the few people that I can count on to tell me everything straight and with a refreshing point of view.


You truly are an amazing person inside and out. You are what people call a free spirit and it’s awesome. I honestly envy you sometimes because you’re just so carefree and happy but you still care so much about the people closest to you. What’s even more amazing is to know all of the things you’ve had/have to deal with and yet you still manage to stay positive. it’s one of the many reasons why I love you and our friendship…because when you’re around people you share that same energy with everyone. You constantly remind me that no matter how bad life can get, there’s always a reason to be happy and to enjoy life. You’re the one person who has assured me that moving to not just a different city, but a new state all alone is possible. Even though it’s scary as hell to even just think about it, the fact that you’ve done it twice now is reassuring. You’ve helped inspire me to forget all the negative people in my life and to just move away. Though I won’t lie and say that the fact that you’re now states away in Colorado doesn’t make me sad…because it does. But I promise that I will come visit you soooooon!!! Maybe a surprise birthday visit? Again…I could go on forever and ever because you’re just that cool and awesome, but I guess I’ll stop here.



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