Social Cleanse…

For the past couple of years, the new year has had me realizing different things and problems within my life. Last year it was the realization that I need to start putting myself first before others. I needed to make sure that I was happy with myself and my life before I could really worry about anyone else. 2013 was definitely filled with that kind of mentality from me and it was great! Just because 2013 is over doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop putting myself first, instead I’m just going to keep adding to it with this years new realization.

As of lately (the past couple of months) I’ve been starting to question some of my friendships in my life. For the most part, I have the same core group of friends for the past couple of years. I don’t have a problem with having the same group of friends that I’ve had for quite some time…my issue is that they just don’t do anything anymore. My friends are b-o-r-i-n-g! All they want to do is stay inside and do nothing or just not hangout at all and hangout with their families. I just don’t understand it because we’re all in our 20’s…like really just 20 years old with a select few 21 year olds in the mix. One of my friends just wants to stay in and eat her entire body weight in food constantly or go out to eat. Don’t get me wrong…I love to eat but not that much. I have another friend who is with her family 24/7 and, again, I don’t understand! My friends and I just don’t seem to have much in common anymore and it sucks.

I love going out and having fun any night of the week. My fun nights aren’t just reserved for weekends because they don’t have to be. When I’m stuck inside with nothing to do for days on end, it makes me go crazy! The way I see it is that, yes people are busy (myself included) but we’re so freaking young and we shouldn’t be holed up in our houses or apartments. I want to go out and make awesome memories and bad decisions that later on I’ll look back on and laugh. In a few short years I’m going to have a ‘grown up’ job where I won’t have this freedom that I have right now. And then a couple of years after that I’ll most likely have a family, which will really limit my free time. So if all of that is going to happen someday, then why waste my time now by not enjoying this total freedom?

Luckily my roommate shares the same lookout on life as me and when she gets out of work, sometimes as late as 2 AM, she still wants to go out and do something. Most of the time we’ll just go to the hookah lounge downtown but at least it gets us out of the house and around people! At least we’re being social!! Basically I just need new friends that share the same interests as me, but it’s hard to meet people these days…especially if you go out by yourself.

My goal this year is to cleanse people from my life that just drag me down and, in return, make new friends that I share common interests with. I understand that going out isn’t what friendship is all about, but neither is staying inside and never hanging out with your friends. How can you call someone your friend if you never hangout and rarely talk?


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