Today was a pretty good day…a long day, but a good day nonetheless. I trained and worked a double today at my second job, which was a bit scary, but still fun. Well, I’m annoyed because I got home, check Facebook and see this status from this girl I’m not really friends with. I’m only friends with her because we went to the same college before I transferred.

Anyways…here’s her annoying status: 

It may sound stupid to be annoyed by the above status, but I can’t help it. First of all….I just think that it’s annoying in general when people post status on Facebook about serious health conditions or problems. It’s pretty tacky, in my opinion, and honestly it’s just about people getting attention. I feel like now these days people only post a status to get a lot of likes…the more ‘likes’ they get, the better they feel…it’s like confirming that they matter or have friends…whatever. So that’s my first issue with her status.

Second of all, my mom passed away from Colon Cancer 12 years ago at the age of 37. Thirty-seven. By the time they caught it, it was way too late. She was already in stage four and was given 3 months to live. Her colon was packed with polyps. That’s not the whole reason I’m annoyed either though…

Here’s my main reason for being annoyed…

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but my older brother and I both got passed on the gene for colon cancer. It’s not that we have an increased chance of developing colon cancer in our lives…god I wish that was true. But no, we have this pretty rare condition called FAP…or Familial Adenomatous Polyposis. It’s basically a rare form of colon cancer that’s hereditary and the individuals who have it will develop colon cancer. Polyps start to appear at the age of thirteen and only increase with age. Sure, they’re typically benign, but they do eventually turn cancerous. Most people develop colon cancer by the age of 39.

After being tested for the FAP gene at 10 years old, I had my first colonoscopy at 12 or 13 years old. Luckily for me there were no polyps! My doctor wanted me back in two years to do another colonoscopy, and in those two years I had unfortunately developed some polyps. And since then I’ve had to get a colonoscopy every year in order to stay on top of it…because here’s the reality of my life/situation:

  1. As long as I have my colon in my body, I will get colon cancer at some point in my life…most likely sooner rather than later.
  2. In order to avoid developing colon cancer, I will have to get my colon removed in the near future. It’s not a pretty process..
  3. And even after that, I still have a highly increased chance to develop other intestinal cancers. Just because I got rid of my colon doesn’t mean I’m magically cured…again…I wish.

My brother had his colon removed when he was 19 and so far I’ve made it a year past that, and for that I’m grateful. My brother has led a normal life since his surgery, and you’d never be able to tell that he went through it by looking at him. He’s really my role model when it comes to this stuff and I know that I’ll be fine when it’s my time to have this surgery.

Now I’m not saying that this girls health issue isn’t serious…not at all. I’ll be the last person to ever think that about anyone.  Colon cancer is a big deal, but the good news is that it is treatable if caught early enough. I guess I’m annoyed because the topic of colon cancer is kind of a touchy subject to me and has directly affected my life. I would never post a status about it for everyone (people I don’t even really know)  to read about on Facebook. Sure, I don’t mind talking about it with people if it gets brought up, but I’d never post statuses about it.

Ugh…whatever… I’m annoyed and people may think that it’s stupid, but oh well. People, as well as me, can feel however they want.

That’s it.

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