A Review: Foreo Luna Mini

I’ve talked about a website called bzzagent on my blog once before…quite a while ago though. Recently I was invited to join a new campaign for a product from a company called Foreo and I was going to be sent the Luna Mini. Before this campaign though, I had absolutely no clue about the company or the product. The Luna Mini is a small face cleansing device that uses sonic technology to clean your skin. It’s a stretch to say it’s like the Clarisonic because of the different technology and how it cleanses. The company promised a noticeable difference in my skin after three days and I was a bit skeptical, but within three days and using it twice a day, my skin had changed noticeably.

Let me back up and give a little history of my skin. I had really awesome skin until I hit middle of freshmen/sophomore year. My forehead was really the only thing that was constantly broken out with various zits and whatnot (yuck!), but I also had the occasional breakout on my cheeks. So I tried Proactiv and it was alright…not great but it definitely helped me get my skin under control. Fast-forward a few years and for the most part my skin is pretty good, though it’s not as great as I want it. Stress + periods=breakouts (surprisingly not on my forehead though…and I have bangs) I’ve thought about buying the Clarisonic before, but it’s just so expensive when you think about how much you’re spending on brush replacements…no thanks.

Yes, I’m aware that it looks a bit inappropriate…

Like with any deep cleansing, my skin got just a little worse than before. But this was only because the Luna Mini was working! It brought all of the dirt and gunk up and out of my skin and it honestly wasn’t a big deal because by the next morning it was almost disappeared from my skin. How amazing, right? It literally only takes one minute to clean my face in the morning and at night. I enjoy the fact that it lets you know when to switch to a different area on your face…each area only taking about fifteen seconds. I find that it’s pretty easy to get into the area around my nose if I just tilt the Luna Mini up and use the side.

All in all, I’m in love with the Luna mini and it will  no doubt be a part of my skincare routine forever. My skin looks noticeably better in every single way. It’s brighter, looks healthier, glowing, and I could really go on and on! Even my makeup is applying a lot more nicely and my pores truly look smaller. Probably the best part is that there is no need to buy replacement brushes or replacement anythings! With my discount though BzzAgent, I only paid $39 for it…thats $100 in savings!

I’ll for sure be doing an update in a couple weeks to see where my skin is then (hopefully flawless).


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