Random Facts

Usually I absolutely hate waking up each and every morning…I just do because I am, by far, not a morning person. But this morning was definitely different and I didn’t really mind waking up. That’s truly a shocking statement coming from me! Anyways, the reason why I didn’t mind waking up is because what initially woke me up was my phone ringing one of its various alert tones. So I obviously check my phone (FOMO, anyone?) and see that I’ve got a new comment on my blog! Now anytime I get a comment or anything on my blog it makes me happy for so many reasons, and I’m sure that everyone who blogs knows those reasons. Continuing on…I read the comment and apparently someone had nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award : ) So thank you, MelancholyContemplation, for nominating me.
It’s definitely great to know that people read and follow my blog and actually read my random posts about my everyday life. So anyways…I researched what this VBA was and part of the rules is that I’m supposed to list 7 things about me… Alright…I can do this!

1) I actually never used to be this “girly” or whatever you want to call it.

When I was younger I always told myself and my grandma that I’d never be a girly girl like my older sister. I swore up and down that I’d never wear makeup or anything that makes someone a girly girlObviously that has changed completely and now when I go to visit my grandma, she loves to mention this whenever I complain about my hair, my outfit, or my random breakout on my face… Thanks grandma!

2) I’ve never not had a dog growing up.

When I was born we had a basset hound (I think that was the breed). Apparently it was a stupid dog, though it miraculously survived being accidentally ran over by my dad one night. Yep…all three of us kids were in the van on our way to pick up my mom and my dad backed out of the driveway only to run over something. When he got out of the car he saw the dog chain under the wheel, but after he went inside to call my mom, he came back outside and there was the damn dog alive and well sitting on the porch. After that dog we got our Golden Retriever. His name was Lighting and my dads best friends had his sister, Spice. Lighting was an awesome dog and I wish that he was still here with me : ( We had to put Lightning down when my mom got sick because he got too protective and would bite anyone who came close to my mom. After that we had my grandparents dog… Mr.Dog. Yes, that was his name. That’s a long story for a different post. Then came Jazz (Jazzy Pants) and she’s now living with my dad and step-mom with three other dogs. And now I have my own dog…Layla! Layla Mae, Layla Love, Aretha, Diva, shit head, dumb dog, crazy one….she had plenty of names!

3) I used to want to be a vet when I was younger….though didn’t everyone at some point?

Yeah that was very quickly given up when I was in fifth grade. We had to do this project where we interview someone in the profession we wanted to go in. Once I realized that I had to be extremely good with math and I would be in school for about 8 years….it’s safe to say that I gave up on that dream very quickly.

4) Adam Hertz, the guy who wrote American Pie, graduated from my high school.

The movie is based off of where I grew up and the school I went to. There are actually tons of references to my hometown in the original movie as well as American Reunion. It’s pretty awesome. Haha.

5) My old group of friends in high school were like a larger version of Mean Girls. No lie….they were bitches…I was too for a bit until I came to my senses…thank GOD!

6) Until age 10 or so, my dad never let me or my older sister cut our hair. Because of this…my hair was down to my hips/right above my bottom. I also want to share with you guys that I’ve also always had very thick hair which tangled easily. I for real used to run and hide from my mom in the mornings so she couldn’t brush my hair…I mean rip out my hair.

7) I would have the same name today even if I was a boy… Also my aunt has always had horses and before I was born, she had a horse that had the same name as me…so I suppose technically I was named after a horse…ugh. Thanks mom and dad.


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