A Little Rant…

People like to say that family is always there for you whenever you need them, but I find that very hard to believe. I’d love to know where my dad, brother, and two sisters have been when I needed them the most throughout my life… My older sister has had her head up her boyfriends ass for the past four or five years. My dad has been obsessed with his new family since him and my step-mom met when I was 16. My younger sister just has so many problems of her own to deal with right now, and that’s okay because she needs to work through them. Last but not least, my brother likes to think that we’re close, but as of lately we just aren’t.

Whenever I’m going through tough times or need to talk to someone, my family members are the last people I go to and that is actually pretty sad. My best friend since 5th grade, my cousin, and my best friend from Columbia are the only three people I’ve ever been able to go to when I need to vent or I’m going through a tough time. That whole saying “blood is thicker than water” is totally bullshit in my opinion. 

My family just causes me more stress than is ever acceptable, and in order to make sure that I’m happy and not a crying and emotional mess all of the time I need to cut that stress out. Being part of a family should never be stressful 98% of the time. All my family seems to do is fight and then ignore each other for long periods of time. For example: my brother and my dad haven’t talked in about two months….and it’s not even for good reason. My older sister had her friend say hi to me when she and her mom came into my work on Thursday. Why couldn’t my sister just text me in the first place? Absolutely no one in my family wished me good luck on the grand opening of the store I work at. They also never asked me how it was going so far. But the great thing is that my friend from Columbia texted me on opening day wishing me good luck.

So to end my little(ish) rant….I’m hopefully going to be moving out of my brother and sister-in-laws house this month because I can’t do it anymore. I’m also in the process of becoming financially independent from my dad, and when that all happens, I’m going to slowly pull myself away from my toxic family I was given. They haven’t helped me thus far in life, so why would I need them by my side while I become successful and make a name for myself (which they’ve never done)? I’m cutting out the people in my life who cause too many problems/stress and family is no exception anymore.



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  1. This is a tough realization to come to, but the sooner in life that you learn it– the better. Family really is what you make of it. And being financially independent is your launching pad for the rest of life… Don’t get caught up in drama and disapointment, just lean on the people you know will be there for you. Sounds like you’ve got the right attitude 🙂

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