Busy Bee

LIfe has seriously been non-stop since the end of last month! Starting with getting my cysts removed on my knee, then my two weekends of training for H&M, getting Layla spayed/other vet visits, and now setting up our new store. Phew! The last two weeks have been mainly dedicated to setting up our b-e-a-utiful store! After my last weekend of training, I came home Saturday after training and then had to go into the store on Sunday night to do truck…or should I say trucks, since we ended up getting six trucks that night. After getting home around 11:45 that night, I had to be back there bright and early at 8AM to process truck, though luckily the support staff was there…otherwise we’d be there for days. Though I haven’t been there every single day, I’ve been there quite a bit, and it’s sure nice being able to see the store come together day by day. I never knew that there was so much that went into getting a store ready for opening, but now I definitely do and let me just say that it’s hard, tiring, and stressful to say the least. I’ll fully admit to getting a tad bit bossy when we were unloading the truck and organizing it in each department.

The last day or so have been more focused on the smaller details and making sure that everything is placed right. Folds have to be perfect, size stickers have to be perfectly aligned, the correct departments have been profiled, every thing is sized correctly and in order…sooo many details! It’s been fun though, I won’t lie about that. I really do like all of my co-workers, management team, as well as the support staff! I’m pretty sure it’s a rare thing when you truly like everyone you work with, so I know that I’m quite lucky. I also know that some of them will get on my nerves from time to time, but oh well. As along as everyone acts like adults, then I’m sure it will all be fine.

Tomorrow is the day that all of us home staff and support staff get to come in and shop around before the public is able to, which is extremely exciting! An added bonus is that we get 35% tomorrow instead of our regular 25% discount! Eeep! If you cannot tell…I’m freaking excited! All week I’ve been eyeing things around the store to buy tomorrow, and even a sweater or two from the mens department (no shame).

So the BIG day on Thursday, I sadly don’t work, but I’m still coming in since H&M provides us with a breakfast to show their appreciation or whatever. But honestly, I just want to see the crowd lining up to enter the store when we finally open at noon. Apparently, according to Woodland Mall‘s website, people can start lining up tomorrow (that’s Wednesday) at 9PM! Bitches seriously be crazy, and I wonder if people will actually be there at that time. Also, there’s going to be a DJ in the store on opening day, and maybe the whole weekend, but I’m not sure.

Well that’s been my life so far and it feels so weird being back on here again after being gone for what seems like forever.

P.S…if you for some reason live in the Grand Rapids area or surrounding area, come visit me and my lovely co-workers this Thursday at H&M!!

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