Bitter Sweet

Today was my last day at work nannying for the two most awesome-est and amazing kids ever, E and C, and it was definitely a little sad to know that I won’t get to see them multiple times a week. I spent my entire summer, Monday-Friday, over at their house watching them, and then went down to Monday, Wednesday, Friday once school started. Even though I didn’t get to do as many fun things with my friends this summer as I had hoped, I had a blast this summer with E and C doing fun things and being a kids once again. As much as everyone tells me that I’ve greatly impacted their lives since I started in May, they’ve also impacted my life as well. (And it’s not just because they are great birth control. haha.) 

The best thing that I’ve learned these past few months while taking care of these kids, is how to be a kid again…(well an adult version if that makes sense). Kids in general are so carefree, and there two are especially carefree! They don’t care that they’re stripping from their clothes on the deck…which is right next to a busy street. They don’t care about how silly they look when they dance in the living room to Call Me Maybe or Blurred Lines They’ve also refreshed my imagination, which sadly hasn’t gotten enough use since I was a little kid…sigh. E and C are also constantly giving each other hugs and telling the other that they love them. When E is upset, C makes it his mission to cheer her up…even if he was the cause of her sadness. Basically, these 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 have been such a blessing to watch and I’m sad that I won’t be able to watch them grow up before my eyes anymore. Actually…on Monday, E told me that I had to come over and visit and come and see her new baby sister when she’s born in December. Their mom and dad (step-dad) constantly tell me that they’ve seen a great change in the kids since I started and that they’re incredibly attached to me, which is definitely reciprocated my end as well.

They say that all great things must come to an end, which is why it was bitter-sweet today.

I leave this Friday for Auburn Hills one last time for training until Saturday and then I start actually working on Sunday. My store manager texted me my schedule on Monday night, which has me working Sunday-Saturday with Tuesday and Thursday off so that we can set up our store. I’m freaking excited to finish training and finally get into our own brand spanking new store! I know that most people wouldn’t be excited about working in retail, and maybe…maybe that will change with me, but I’m working for H&M and it truly is an awesome company! And…I mean…I get a 25% employee discount….which can be used with email coupons and whatnot!  The people I’ll be working with are also pretty damn awesome and surprisingly we all have a lot in common and are already friends, which can be hard to come by when working in any type of job.

So when one door closes…another one opens and I’m okay with that.


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