Still Doing Me

One of my most interesting classes this semester is, without a doubt, my sociology class. Not just because there is a reeeaaaal attractive guy in my class, but because we talk about all so many different topics. Today, my teacher had us get into groups of five and talk about the weirdest thing that has happened to them thus far. There were some pretty weird things being said in my group, but what really got my attention is this one girls weird story…

She started out by saying that her best friend and her had grown apart and that they‘re not really friends anymore. I didn’t see where this was going into a weird story, but she continued on saying that her ‘ex-best friend’ has been dating older guys for money. My attention has now been grabbed if it hadn’t been before. Every one in my group was in absolute awe over the fact that this eighteen year old is dating older men for money in exchange. Immediately there are questions being thrown at this girl with the ‘weird’ story and they range from: “Ew…how does she do that?” to questions about how she gets away with it. Apparently this unnamed girl still lives with her mom, which according to these people is a terrible no-no, and she just tells her mom that she’s going to babysit down the road. Though instead of going to babysit, she’s boarding a plane and flying to California. My only question is how long does her mom think she’s babysitting for?

Anyways, while they’re throwing their various thoughts and questions around, I’m just sitting in my chair trying not to smirk, laugh, or do anything while these people have an absolute cow over the fact that this girl is dating older guys for money. And as if that’s not enough! This other girl in my group is asking if this unnamed girl was on and that she had heard about it on Dr. Phil. Then she went on to explain how she had unknowingly became this older guys sugar baby back when she was in her thirties. She told us her whole story and, again, I’m just sitting there listening while having my own field day in my head.

Here’s the general consensus about the sugar lifestyle from my group today:

  1. it’s wrong to have a sugar daddy
  2. having a sugar daddy is disgusting
  3. they’re perverted
  4. they have no life
  5. it’s gross
  6. how could you be okay with sleeping with someone for money?
  7. do those girls actually sleep with the guy?

…I could go on and on with other thoughts and questions the people in my group had, but I think that gives a pretty solid idea of what they all thought about the sugar lifestyle. I’d have to say that they’re either: pretty close-minded, or they secretly wish that they had the balls to go out and do that themselves and they’re masking it with disgust.

All I know is that it was extremely funny and quite entertaining to hear people’s opinions on this taboo subject. I have no shame in what I’m doing, so what they were saying didn’t affect me in the slightest. I’m doing me and I’m going to keep doing me. 


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