Men have always confused me…always. I’ve learned to get over this and just continue my life, ignoring the fact that men are confusing creatures. But I just cannot ignore it anymore!

Today…well tonight…I just have one question. Can men read? Seriously! It says that I’m from Michigan on my profile, and I understand that distance isn’t always an issue… Anyways, this is why I have to ask if men can read. This guy from New York messaged me and we started talking. Well he started saying that he wanted to take me shopping and all these things…great, yes, but I feel like we should have coffee or lunch first and then talk about the actual arrangement. So I suggested this and he replies with: “you’re in Michigan and I’m in NY.” Well fucking duh! So I replied back telling him that he knew that before he messaged me….

Ugh…men…why do you have to be so difficult all of the time sometimes?


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