Call me conceited, rude, a bitch…whatever you’d like, but my history class is full of unattractive guys. The majority of the class is guys, with maybe…maybe 7 girls in a completely full classroom and the rest of the class is guys. Now usually I’m over the moon to be in a class full with guys…only not if they’re not attractive. This class of mine is full with guys who laugh at the word “bust” and argue who is going to say the word first. Come on…we’re in college, not middle school! Their faces are filled with acne and are your stereotypical geek or history lover…not my cup of tea in the least. I’m not a huge fan of history, but it’s a requirement, and I had hoped that I could at least spend the two hours of class casually looking at some eye candy. Sure there are like three pretty cute and decent guys in the entire class…but I just wish that there were more…that’s all.

I’m sure that guys think the same thing when they walk into a class and hope to see attractive girls sitting there. It’s pretty much a factual thing that most people probably think about.

Maybe I’m just too thirsty?

#ThirstyGirlProblems #TheThirstIsReal


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