Music Is Freedom

I love music, as I should since I’m going to major in Music Business. It’s something that everyone knows about me without a doubt. Music is constantly playing everywhere I go…my room, my car, walking to class, at work…just everywhere. I couldn’t live without music…honestly, which is why I love sharing music that I love with the world! Music is the universal language of love and it knows no boundaries. 

Today was a magical day in that I stumbled across a new band that I’m already in love with after listening to one song. The one song led to another, and another, and another…and so on until I felt obligated to write about them and share their music.

The band’s name is The Neighbourhood and they’re a relatively new band from California, forming in 2011 (August, I believe). Their music is….indescribable really. I honestly don’t know how to put my thoughts into words right now…other than to say that their songs have a sensual feel and, judging by many comments on their YouTube videos, make people want to get down and dirty…not that I’m disagreeing at all ; )

What I love about them so far is that all of their videos are shot in black and white, which I feel like puts more of the focus on the actual music. It’s definitely more artistic and much more simple than most other music videos out on the internet. Not only are their music videos shot in black and white, but so are their interviews…it’s just a nice touch that differentiates them from everyone else out there trying to make it big. They also don’t seem to be caught up in the attention that they’re receiving and seem to be down to earth guys and that always earns respect in my books. If a band or artist is stuck up and full of themselves, no matter how good their music is (Kanye, anyone?), it makes me like them a little bit less, but that’s surely not the case with The Neighbourhood. 

They’re going on tour this fall and I’m freaking excited that they will be playing The Metro in Chicago this October. I’m definitely going to be there and it’s going to be amazing : )

Enough with my rambling…here’s some proof of the awesomely talented guys in action : )


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