“Bigger” Girls…

Every morning when I wake up I have a routine that I do before I even get out of bed. I grab my phone from under my pillow and check text messages first, email second, and then all three of my sugar websites. Now later last night I had been messaging this guy on seekingarrangement and so when I checked to see if I had any new messages on there, I had one from him. Eagerly, I clicked on it…and then quickly wished that I hadn’t… Here’s what I woke up to:Screen Shot

First of all…never start off a sentence saying “I do not want to be offensive, but…” because chances are you are going to be offensive. The person receiving the “not-meaning-to-be-offensive” message is probably going to take offense to it even though you say you don’t mean to be offensive. Now I’m sorry that he’s had girls misrepresent themselves in their photo’s, but I’m not one of those girls. None of my photo’s are fake or photoshopped and I have included a full length picture of myself on my profile, so he obviously knows how I look. I mean how offensive is it that the only way he’d even think about giving me a chance is if my ass looks good in a pair of jeans? Basically I have a pretty face (thanks?) and if I have a nice ass then that will make up for me being “bigger”…

So after waking up some more, I opened my computer and sat there with a blank reply as I thought of a bitch-y yet nice passive aggressive reply. I told this guy, J, that if he’s looking for a stick thin girl with no curves, then no matter how pretty my face is or how nice my ass is, then I’m not the girl for him. But what I don’t understand is that he saw a full length picture of me, so if he doesn’t like “bigger” girls, then why on earth did he message me? I honestly don’t understand.

I fully understand personal preference and I know that I’m not the girl for everyone…just like every guy isn’t the guy for me. But I suppose the difference between J and myself is that if I see a guy who I know just isn’t for me, then I don’t bother messaging them or replying to their messages. I, myself, am not attracted to overweight men or guys who are too skinny. So since I know that my personal preference doesn’t include these two types of men, I just don’t even bother messaging them or replying to them because that’s just wasting everyone’s time. I’m not here to waste anyone’s time and I expect my time to not be wasted either.

I’m more than a pretty face  and even though I’m on these sugar baby websites does not mean that I don’t deserve respect.

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