Feelin’ Blah…

Today I’m not feeling very ‘me’ and it’s seriously bugging me. Maybe it’s because all of my friends have moved back to school while I’m stuck here in Grand Rapids going to a community college. The cause could also be the fact that I’m now the stereotypical broke college studentWhatever the reason is, I want it this feeling to go away and never return.

I’m all for lazy days, but today I want to go out and do something. I want to do my hair and makeup, get dressed, and go out with some friends and do something fun. Instead of all of that, I’m lying in bed with Layla, my dog, sleeping next to me on my arm while I write this blog post and pin. So not my idea of the perfect way to enjoy the fleeting days of summer left for me to enjoy. I just need to meet new people while my other friends are away…which brings me to a completely different point…(blame my dad for my short attention span…SQUIRREL!)

I need new friends. Not only because all of my other friends are away at school, but because unlike a lot of my friends, I enjoy going out quite often. I like going shopping for an outfit for later that night. I like spending hours with my friends getting ready for the nights events in hopes that I get to meet a cute guy. My friend at Columbia, K, is pretty much the same as me in those regards. We both like to put an effort into our appearances even if we aren’t doing anything spectacular. Hell…she even put concealer on when she was painting her room because she didn’t want to constantly be staring at her under eye circles! I knew we became friends for a reason. hahaha. Anyways, along with enjoying fashion and makeup like myself, she also loves to go out and have fun. It’s too bad that I left Columbia, because I need to meet more people who want to enjoy their lives and go out and do fun (sometimes questionable) things. My ex-best friend in high school used to be the same exact way. We were inseparable and both of us had the same outlook on life back then. I was always there when she wanted to go out, even if it just meant driving around, and she was the same with me.

To me…the best memories aren’t the ones you spend in your house or room doing nothing…. Nope. I’ve never looked back on my life and say “oh wow…that day I spent in my room was awesome!”…my best memories are from going out with friends and doing stupid things. I live to have a good time and push boundaries and I desperately need to meet people who share the same outlook. And as I write this post…Bad Girls by M.I.A pops into my head and I think the lyrics fit my attitude perfectly!

Live fast, die young
Bad girls do it well
Live fast, die young
Bad girls do it well

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