“A mother understands what a child does not say.” – Jewish Proverb

Mothers day is about showing appreciation, not just spending money. It’s also a day of remembrance for those who’ve lost their mothers.

Mothers are great individuals and make numerous sacrifices for us starting from the time they find out that they’re pregnant with us, and all the way throughout their lives. Having one day a year dedicated to our moms just isn’t enough to thank them for all that they’ve done, but it’s a nice start. Mothers day hasn’t been the same for me in twelve years when my mom made the ultimate sacrifice for me and my three siblings. Though no one knew it at the time, my mom included, she saved mine and my brothers lives. I lost my mom twelve years ago to the vicious monster known as cancercolon cancer to be more exact. Three months, she was given to live and on November 27th, 2001 my mom passed away at the young age of 37.

Every one says that we owe our lives to our mothers, for without them carrying us for nine months, we wouldn’t be here. After my mom passed away, all four of us kids got tested for the hereditary type of colon cancer my mom had. Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP), which accounts for only 1% of all cases of colorectal cancer. It’s hereditary and out of the four kids, my brother and I had the same gene mutation as our mom. Without her being diagnosed with this terrible disease, who knows how mine or my brothers lives could have turned out. We truly owe our lives to her and there will never be any way that we could ever repay her for that.

In the past, after my mom passed away, I hated mothers day since it just seemed like a day where it was constantly thrown in my face that I didn’t have a mother here anymore. Over the years it slowly got easier and now I’m able to remember her and all of the good times and memories I have of her. I could choose to brood and be moody on mother’s day each year, but mothers day isn’t just about buying you mom flowers and showing them appreciation…it’s also about remembering those mothers we’ve lost and reflecting on the happy memories.

My mom the best mother I could have asked for. She was caring, loving, understanding, strong, independent, and any other characteristic that describes the perfect mother. My mom wrote in a journal before she passed and just like in the Jewish proverb in the title, she said… “You had a hard time talk to people, but I always knew what you needed to say.”  I’m so blessed and lucky to have all of the memories that I do of her, though it will always be a bit painful knowing that she isn’t physically here with me to share in these new memories created each day…those big milestones.

Happy Mothers Day, mom. I love you, and like you wrote before you left this earth…

I know things are gonna be hard on you when I am not here, but I’ll always be here for you in your heart.”

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