Working at Goodwill will probably be the easiest job I’ll ever have in my life. I get it and I try not to complain about it too much. I really don’t mind the people who I work with…with the exception of one person. It’s the customers that really kill me. After working for this business for ten months I’ve come to conclusion that the majority of people who come into Goodwill are illiterate. This conclusion has been months in the making, and only after collecting enough evidence did I come up with this fact.

First let me say that there is a huge sign on the front of our building that tells customers two things. One of the things it tells customers is that they’ve arrived at Goodwill. The second one being… we’re a donation center. There have been countless times where people pull into our parking lot and come in expecting to see a Goodwill store. Then after they realize that we’re in fact not a store, they ask us, “oh you’re not a store?” Well if you’d actually read the sign then you’d  know that no, we’re not a store. This whole scenario happens at least five times a day and it get’s real old real fast.

This second piece of evidence is what really made me dead set on this conclusion. The other night I was at work closing up for the night when a car pulled up to the door. The sign was already flipped to ‘CLOSED’ and it clearly says that we’re open until 6 PM, in which it was 6:01 PM and we were closed! But after this lady sat in her car squinting to read the sign, she got out of her car and brought in her things to donate. No joke. Obviously we helped her and once she left we clocked out, only to see yet another lady walk in with a comforter to donate. I told her very nicely but assertive that we were closed, but she continued to shove the comforter in my face as she went on and on about the comforter and how her dog always lies on it and will miss it. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. After she rambled on forever she then asked for a receipt. A damn receipt. Anyways…that’s my evidence and I’m pretty sure it’s enough to be sure that the majority of Goodwill customers are illiterate.

That’s it.

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