A while back I was texting my friend and it was only natural that we somehow got onto the subject of boys and boyfriends…and then what our ‘perfectboyfriend would consist of. It was funny because when she sent me her list of perfect traits in a guy, they were pretty much the same as mine. This conversation I had with her was soon forgotten until a couple of days ago. Lately I’ve been on a Miguel binge (no shame) and I told my friend at work that if I were to be super picky about my next boyfriend, then one thing he’d have to have is a voice like Miguel’s so he can serenade me whenever I wanted. Every girl has their own list of some ideal traits that they want in a boyfriend, so since I never responded back to my friend with what my ideal boyfriends traits would be, I figure I’d do it now.

  • Tall–as is 5’10 at a minimum and up.
    • I’m 5’8, which apparently is pretty tall for a girl, and I love wearing heels…nuff said.
  • In good shape
    • I don’t want someone who is skinnier than me, but I also don’t want someone with huge body builder status muscles. Someone with just enough muscle and who looks like he can protect the ones he loves is good for me.
  • Good hair
    • One of the first things I notice about a guy is their hair. I can’t help it. My own hair is a big deal for me…it’s kind of my baby, so it’s only natural that a guy should have good hair. Preferably nothing shaved super close to their head but also nothing extremely long.
  • Has the bad boy look and persona but is really a sweetheart.
    • I do not want a “nice guy” as a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean that I want a complete asshole as a boyfriend either. I’ve always been drawn towards the bad boys in life and I’m completely fine with it. I don’t want this always sweet and caring boyfriend. I’m not always sweet…I’m sarcastic, have a pretty nasty sense of humor, I don’t always obey the rules, and I get into trouble. I want someone who matches and complements my personality. Yet I want them to have a softer side that not everyone gets to see…just like me. Does that make sense? haha
  • Can pull off a leather jacket.
    • That’s a pretty specific request, but damn…guys in leather jackets are just so damn fine! Plus it also plays into that bad boy look : )
  • Can also pull off a suit
  • Cares about his looks (fashion and hygiene)
    • Hygiene is obviously extremely important. If he doesn’t have good hygiene then goodbye. But having a huge passion for fashion and obviously looks are hugely important to me, but that doesn’t make me shallow. The first thing you notice about someone is their looks…not personality…so you can’t tell me that appearances aren’t important.
  • A great personality
    • And finally here’s that crucial personality part of the whole equation. Yes, obviously personality is important to me. A guy can be extremely attractive but if he has a disgusting personality then it’s on to the next one. And here’s what will make me seem shallow as hell. They could be the sweetest and most caring guy on this planet, but if there’s no attraction there based off of looks then it’s also on to the next one. Chemistry is important and if there’s no chemistry then what’s the point? You can’t fake that kind of thing.
  • Is a family person
    • I have a decently sized family. I’m one out of four…and my step mom has two kids…four + two=six kids. Add in boyfriends and my brother’s wife, and you’ve got twelve people (parents included) at major holiday/family occasions. My mom was also the youngest out of nine…and they all got married and had two kids at a minimum. So it’s safe to say that family is pretty darn important to me. They don’t have to have a big family, but they have to value family like I do…but don’t mistake me for someone who will do whatever my family tells me to do.
  • Can give some great massages.
    • Like a real massage. Work sucks and I have a ginormous knot in my back that hurts like a bitch right now.
  • Has a motorcycle
    • I’m talking about a real motorcycleno crotch rockets allowed. It all plays into that whole bad boy theme going on.
  • Tattoos
    • This really should have gone up towards the top of the list, but whatever. Tattoos are pretty much a must. That’s it…no negotiating. They just make almost anyone that much more attractive and who doesn’t want to be as attractive as possible? Plus, I plan on getting some tattoos in the near future when I have enough money saved up.
  • Has a good singing voice
    • You know…a voice like Miguel’s or something so he can serenade me with a voice like sex : )
  • Play guitar
    • Sing to me and play guitar!? Heaven on earth.

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