Ever-changing Outlook

I’ve always been against cheating. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. I was always one who blamed the mistress just as much as the party who was cheating, even if they didn’t know that the other was involved. I’ve had that lookout on cheating for as long as I can remember…until recently. My thoughts on the topic first started changing the tiniest of bits when I first joined the second sugar daddy site. Many of these guys who sign up for this site and happen to be married are doing it for a reason and I highly doubt it’s just for the hell of it. They’re obviously not happy in their current relationship.

Fast forward some time until I’m up in Michigan for my birthday celebration. I was talking to my cousins roommate about cheating, why people do it, and if we’d knowingly have a relationship with a guy who was in a relationship.

Why do people cheat? Well I believe that a big reason that people cheat, isn’t because they’re a sex addict, but because they’re obviously not happy with their current relationship. It doesn’t matter if they’re just dating or if they’re married. They don’t want to/can’t leave the relationship for some unknown reasons. Maybe their partner is too busy with life, there’s no longer any spark, or they’re just not getting what they want…sexually or not…or both. If I were to have an affair with a spoken for man, then it’s obvious that he’s not happy and not getting the attention he wants, needs, or desires.

Well would I ever have an affair with a man? Knowingly or not? Plain and simple answer: yes, I would…knowingly or not. Why? I’m not the one cheating on my partner. I’m just simply the “other woman” who is as single as can be. If I can offer this man an escape and give him what he needs, then why not? We both get what we want. If the girlfriend or wife doesn’t want their man straying, then they should be keeping him happy and not me keeping him happy! It’s as simple as that…for the most part.

Alright so what about karma? What if my boyfriend or husband one day decides to cheat on me? Well then I wasn’t doing a good enough job of keeping him happy. I wasn’t doing a good job reminding him that he’s mine  and that he can’t get what he wants from anyone else but me. Some of my friends would read this and cry that I was loosing my independence, and to that I call bullshit. A woman can be independent and still want to make her significant other happy and do anything to achieve those goals.

Yes, if my boyfriend or husband were to cheat on me then I’d obviously be upset and angry, but right now this is just my view on it all. I technically wouldn’t be doing anything wrong and it’s not hurting me, and we all know that this year is all about putting myself first.



This may or may not be a semi-rant…but regardless it’s still my  position on subject, and like always…everyone is entitled to their opinions and I’m not going to force someone to believe what I do : )


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