Music Makes the World Go ‘Round

I have a deep love for music. There is hardly a moment in my day-to-day life where I’m not listening to music and that’s the way I like it. My taste in music is extremely diverse and I wouldn’t change that either. My lookout on music is that if my ears like it, regardless of the genre, then I’m going to download it and enjoy listening to it. Every spring, without fail, I always find myself updating my iTunes with more spring time and summer music. You know…those songs that are perfect for driving around with your windows down on a sunny day, or when you’re at the beach getting your tan on, basically any warm weather scenario you can think of. I love finding out about new artists and because of that, I’m going to share different artists that I just found out about or are just listening to at the time. I’m a firm believer that music brings people together and makes the world go ’round.

Since warm weather is quickly approaching (hello 74 degrees tomorrow!) I’m all about listening to chill, relaxed, and beach-y feeling music. One group that has been on my mind and playlist recently is the relatively new group named Aer. I seriously cannot get enough of these two guys. They remind me a lot of Slightly Stoopid (if you don’t know them, then go check them out!) and a hint of Sublime. I have yet to listen to a song of their that I don’t like, though one of their newer songs, Float My Boat, is being played quite regularly in my car…and my computer…and my phone… : )

And here’s one of their songs off of their new Strangers EP called She’ll Miss It. Not gonna lie…I’m pretty much obsessed with this song.

Doesn’t it just make you want to be outside in the warm summer air with some friends and having a good time? Many, if not all, of their songs are about smoking, living life how you like, and just having fun.. I mean what more could you want in life, really?

One would think that these guys would be from California because their music just screams SoCal, but instead they’re based in Boston. How ’bout that? Even their music videos are pretty amazing, not to mention that they’re two good-looking guys ; ) But that’s just an added bonus because music isn’t about the looks.

It sucks that I missed their Chicago show a couple of months ago and that the closest upcoming show of theirs in Louisville, KY… Though if I had someone to come with me, then I’d totally drive the five hours there on the 16th. So I leave you with another one of their songs : )

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