Stay Strong.

As I’m sure everyone has head of the Steubenville rape case by now and there are hundreds of different pieces written about it, I wasn’t planning on writing my thought or opinions on the whole thing. But I changed my mind after reading comment after comment about how it was the victims fault  and how the two boys, who were found guilty, were not at fault. Uhmm….excuse me?  Am I hearing and reading these things right?  I’ve kept up on this whole case since I first heard about it back when the story first broke and now I’m still reading articles and comments about it, though many of these things I’m reading are just not what I was expecting to read.

Many people are blaming the sixteen year old victim for what happened because she was drunk and unconscious. So many people are saying things along the lines of “if she hadn’t been drinking then they wouldn’t have raped her” or “she shouldn’t have gotten so drunk she was unconscious”. People are basically saying that because she was drinking, underage at that, then that reason alone is why she got raped. Okay stop right there. Let me say that I drank underage all the time, hell I’m still underage and I still drink, and yes, there have been many times where I have probably drank way too much and blacked out, but no guys that I was ever with raped me or did anything even remotely close to that. Being underage and drunk/unconscious is absolutely no excuse for raping anyone. Who cares if the girl was drinking underage? It’s in no way, shape, or form an excuse for these boys to rape her. If these boys had the common decency and respect for women, hell anyone, then they would know that taking advantage of this girl in her state was absolutely 100% wrong. But the fact is that these boys have no cares in the world except for themselves and their beloved football team. Sickening.

There are so many sympathizers for the two boys, who were found guilty yesterday, and it’s truly mind-boggling. Why should anyone feel sorry for these boys? What they did was wrong and there’s no way that you can prove that otherwise. The evidence is crystal clear, thanks to the football players who, stupidly yet thankfully, put it up on YouTube and various other social media platforms. Like I said in class when we were talking about this, they handed the prosecutors their evidence and made the case oh so easy for them. How can people defend these boys when they can be seen on camera bragging about raping this young girl? How can you defend them with a clear conscious when you can hear them saying they “raped her so hard” and that she was “as dead as a door”? They admitted to raping her on camera. There are pictures of them holding up her unconscious body. How is that innocent?

There is only one lesson to be learned from this, and it’s not that girls need to not drink, it’s that boys need to know that rape is never okay no matter what the situation. It doesn’t matter if the girl is conscious, unconscious, sober, drunk, or anything…no means no and when someone isn’t able to give consent, then that also means no. To the people saying that the girl needs to take responsibility and has her own lesson to learn, there is no lesson that this girl needs to learn nor is there any responsibility that she needs to take. She is not at fault in this at all. To the CNN hosts who displayed full on sympathy for these boys…I have no words to adequately describe how utterly disgusted I am.

Since when did people start to sympathize with the perpetrators and start blaming the victims? When did this start to become acceptable in our society? Not only do people slut shame, but now we’re victim blaming? What are people in this nation coming to?

Now unlike many people are doing… I sincerely hope that this young girl is able to overcome all of this physically and emotional pain caused from this traumatic experience. No one should ever have to go through this no matter what. I hope that her and her family are able to move on from this now that justice has been rightfully been served. There’s no doubt in my mind that this girl is strong enough to overcome this and I hope that she succeeds in her life and doesn’t let this hold her back like it does to so many others. My heart truly goes out to her and her family. Stay strong and everything will work out.

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