Death Trap

Pay day was this past Thursday, which couldn’t have come at a worse time. Target and Ulta just opened up this past weekend…oh and they’re conveniently right next door to each other. How terrible is that? At first I was only going to get my nails done this past Saturday, but after not being able to find this nail salon, I decided to make a trip to Target to just check it out…yeah right! The best part about Target and Ulta opening is that no longer do I have to drive twenty minutes to either of these stores. Now they’re just ten minutes away from my house….dangerous.

My birthday is coming up at the end of this month, which means that I’m not allowed to buy myself anything…that I asked for. I ended up by the shoes and oh my gosh! They have so many cute heels, wedges, flats…everything! I ended up with these bad boys, which I found on clearance for six bucks! 

There was absolutely no way I was going to leave those flats alone in Target when I had a nice spot for them in my closet. Upon further browsing in the shoe aisles, I found these coral sandals for $15 and once I saw them in my size, they were instantly in my hands ready to be bought. Though they’re much more vibrant in person than in this picture.

Turquoise and coral are two of my favorite colors at the moment, so having a pair of shoes in each color for Spring/Summer is perfection. I’m already sensing that these two pairs of shoes will be my go to’s for this season, especially since my trusty sandals I got from target a few years ago are about on their last leg : /

Next up was Ulta and I never really know what I’m going to be leaving with when I walk into that store, though I knew that I was going to splurge on something. I’ve recently been buying quite a bit of lipsticks since the beginning of this year, and as a result I’m not looking for the perfect fun shade. I knew I was going to either splurge on a fun lip color or a fun eyeshadow palate. I’m known to wear neutral colors with the occasional purple thrown in the mix, and I want to start doing more colorful and fun looks. After being handed a bag from a lady who worked there, I ended up buying a fun lip color, which I fell in love with when I saw a beauty guru on YouTube wear it in one of her tutorials. It’s a very fun bright but deep fuchsia color and it just amazing! It lasts for hours on end, doesn’t smudge, bleed out, and it isn’t drying in the least. One thing I like about this color is that when it does fade, it just looks like a tinted lip balm or lip stain. Another little thing I found out about this lipstick is that guys love it ; )

I’m also quite the nail polish lover, though my suite-mate last year has me absolutely beat! Anyways, I love China Glaze nail polishes…they always have fun and bright colors that are perfect for the warm weather. Their Poolside collection is full of fantastic colors and I fell in love with Pool Party, which is a bright and almost neon pink color. 

Butter London nail polishes have always caught my attention, but I just couldn’t justify spending $15 on one nail polish. But I stumbled across their Spring 2013 collection and after carefully looking through all of the colors, I decided on Molly Coddled. It’s a pastel purple that really screams Easter and Spring. It’s currently on my toes and let me just say that this color is just as amazing out of the bottle as it is inside of it.

Last but not least, I ended up by the Urban Decay counter and fought with myself to not buy either of the Naked palettes just in case i got one of them for my birthday. Instead of buying a Naked palette, I finally splurged on my fun eyeshadow palette! Now I know what all the fuss is about when it comes to Urban Decay eyeshadows. They’re simply amazing! The formula is great, they blend super easily, the color payoff is amazing…ahh so many wonderful things can be said about these eyeshadows! I think I’ll do a separate post for this palette complete with swatches and all that fun stuff : ) 

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