Girl Code

Guys and girls all over know the universal code of calling dibs on a member of the opposite sex. If you and your friend both think that the same guy is attractive, but she calls dibs first, then you have to respect that and back off. Usually I’m one to respect this girl code of dibs, but let me just say that last night…that was not the case. Don’t shoot me, please!

Last night, my friend, N, and I went out to this karaoke bar and while N was outside having a cigarette, she met a real attractive guy. She ended up introducing me to him, we’ll call him B, and I’ll just say that that was her first of many mistakes made last night. B was real attractive and towered over my 5’8″ frame at 6’8″ (if I remember correctly), which made him that much more attractive to me. I love a tall man because then I can wear my heels without worrying about being taller than them. Within the first half hour that I was introduced to B, we had met his friend K, and N had called dibs on B. I was perfectly fine with this…at first. As the night went on I came to the realization that I didn’t give two fucks about N calling dibs on B. If it were any of my other friends, then that wouldn’t have been the case at all, but I don’t consider N and I to be great friends.


B and his friend K even up inviting us to head over to the next bar with them, and this is where N’s second mistake happened. She dared me to go up to B and grab his hand/arm and ask him when we were leaving. Sure enough, I went up to him and asked him when we were leaving…and off we were! We ended up at a much more low-key bar, where I was informed by K that he wanted in my pants… Different story for another day, I suppose. B was up at the bar while K, N, and I were by the pool table. I don’t remember what exactly happened, but I told N I had things covered and walked right up to B. We started talking and up came N to sit on B’s other side. It was in this moment that I decided that the game was fucking on, bitches! I excused myself to the bathroom and walked in front of B and in between him and N and subtly put my hand a bit higher up on his leg than it should have…I mean I was a bit wobbly and had to balance myself! It was that sneaky move that made it known that I meant business and I had hoped that B caught on. After an emergency call in the bathroom to my friend, I had it all sorted out.

Later on we ended up leaving again and some how B and I ended up walking together a head of everyone else, eventually loosing them in the rain. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but we stopped walking and B planted one right on my lips : ) and it was great. Call me a slut, but we ended up making a short(ish) detour to a spot behind an old brick building and got to know each other a bit more. Girl code was definitely thrown out the window by then if it hadn’t been earlier. We continued our journey to our next destination, trying to find K and N on the way, but they weren’t answering their phones.

In the end, after walking two miles in the rain, countless detours, a little dirty talk, and hands not being able to be kept to themselves, we found K and N…and no they weren’t together. N dragged me into her friend’s car and I was never able to get with B in the way that I know we both wanted ; )

So in the end of all of this, am I that bad of a person/friend because I went after a guy that I wanted and who clearly wanted me? It was obvious that he had no interest in N and instead took a liking to me. There has to be an exception in this clause of the girl code for situations like this. It could have possibly been avoided if N didn’t make any of the crucial mistakes that she did last night, but she did, and I took full advantage of them.

N doesn’t know that B and I did a little bit more than just walking around in the rain for two hours, because if she did then she wouldn’t have said that neither K or B had any interest in me or her. They may have not held any interest in her, but they sure as hell were interested in me!

Call me a bitch, slut, horrible friend, whatever…I don’t care.

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