Product Overload

me in the doubt about it.

Women today use on average twenty beauty products every day. Or so they say.

A while back, around Thanksgiving, my older sister, K, was down visiting us for the good ole Turkey Day and her, myself, and my older step sister, L (who happens to be K’s age), were talking about beauty products. How we got on the topic? I don’t know, but L informed us that women use on average about twenty beauty products per day. While that may seem like a lot…it really isn’t….not even for those ‘minimal’ makeup ladies out there. L went on to explain that these products include your shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, and anything that isn’t water. So as long as it’s not water then you have to count it towards your products list. Deciding to see just how many we each use, K and L were able to mentally make their lists, which were around twenty-three or four. Then they turned towards me wanting to know how many I used…shit… There was no way I’d be able to create this list in my head mentally…I had to physically write it down…and that alone already means that you use more than twenty products a day. In the end my list consisted of twenty-eight products that I used every day.

That was only four months ago, but I’m almost positive my list has changed/grown, so I thought I’d make a new one.

Here goes nothing…

  1. shampoo
  2. conditioner
  3. deep conditioning mask (not every day…more like every two days)
  4. shaving cream
  5. body scrub/exfoliator
  6. body wash
  7. face wash
  8. face exfoliator (every three days)
  9. lotion
  10. face primer
  11. foundation
  12. concealer
  13. eyeshadow base
  14. eyeshadow (x3 some days)
  15. eyeliner
  16. mascara (volumizing)
  17. mascara (lengthening)
  18. bronzer
  19. blush
  20. highlighter
  21. translucent powder
  22. setting spray
  23. heat protectant
  24. restorative oil spray/shine serum
  25. Bed Head frizz calmer
  26. dry shampoo (as needed)
  27. hairspray
  28. toothpaste
  29. mouthwash
  30. deodorant
  31. perfume/body spray
  32. Chapstick
  33. lip gloss
  34. lipstick (not always layered with lip gloss)

Okay…wow…it grew from twenty-eight products to thirty-four that I use pretty much every day. If I didn’t know myself then I’d definitely think that this chick is high maintenance. Though in my defense fourteen of these things on my list are some products that are for personal hygiene.

Yes, I understand that I use quite a bit of beauty products, but is it so bad to want to look good? I can honestly say that I’m not caking all of this stuff on my face so that I look like a totally different person. I’m just enhancing what I’ve got. I take pride in my appearance and I always try to make an effort to look my best at all times, but obviously there are days where I simply don’t care at all.

If L and K knew that my list grew by six products then I’m sure that they’d have a cow and look at me like I’m crazy. But who cares? I’m one hundred percent comfortable with this newfound fact and as long as I’m happy, then that’s all that matters. Right? I love all things beauty related…what more can I say?


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