My brain must be lost

Big news happening at the GW this week! I learned last  Friday that my current supervisor got offered a job and so this Thursday will be his last day here. We all knew it was going to happen so it’s not a huge surprise to any of us. With that being said…there is no supervisor lines up to replace him once he leaves this Thursday…talk about not being prepared.

Being unprepared brings me to the reason why my brain must be lost…or at least not functioning properly. My supervisor asked me and a girl I work with if we knew anyone who needed a job and a lightbulb instantly went off in my head. Mr. P has been looking for a job and still needed one. Without really thinking about it I texted him explaining the situation. He seemed interested and that’s when I realized what I had just done. What.A.Dumbass. I was quick to explain that it was a job where I worked at and his nice response was “no prob if I decide to pursue it”…well he did decide to pursue it.

Now I’m telling the truth when I say that we’re just friends, but we still hooked up twice before. It’s just a tad bit weird if you ask me. My biggest and really only concern is the fact that some people here know about him. Whenever he’s brought up around here he’s commonly referred to as either Mr. P or “asshole” so yeah…people know about him here. Not really good at all. If I can get to everyone quick enough then I can hopefully avoid a huge disaster…if he even gets the job to begin with.

Last night he texted me asking when I worked next and at what time. Turns out that he’s coming to grab an application today…great. I know I can work with him fine and there won’t be any drama like my friend thinks, but still…kinda awkward.

What has my life become?

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