A couple of days ago I wasn’t sure If I was going to message any of these guys back. I was, and still kind of am, hesitant to this entire thing. It’s a completely different world that I’m now entering and I haven’t the slightest clue about what I should and shouldn’t do. What do I say back to these guys? It took some thinking and I finally decided to message one or two back that didn’t seem too bad compared to the rest. One of the guys I messaged back, I’ll call him B, seemed nice and he was also on the younger side at only 29 years old…I could deal with someone being 29 years old…no problem. He asked me about my weekend and if I did anything fun–completely normal questions, so I messaged him back. The message I got back from him made it seem like he was looking for a prostitute, which I am not. I’m sure that there are plenty of girls like that on this website, but that certainly isn’t me. He basically said he wanted me to come to him 1-2 times a week from 6-9. Private and behind closed doors only. And in return I’d get $300-500 each time…depending on what we can and cannot do on an intimate level. Now Let me say that B lives about a half hour north of Chicago, which isn’t exactly close to where I live, so the whole 1-2 times a week from 6-9 PM just couldn’t work. I also don’t feel comfortable having sex or some other intimate act and then getting paid for that…that’s called prostitution. In the end, I didn’t message him back. Oh well. Nothing gained or lost.

After the whole thing with B, I quickly got over it and messaged this guy that lives a lot closer to me, his name should be F. He’s still young–only 31 years old, which is also doable. He was quick to ask if we could “take it to text” and gave me his phone number. I’m not stupid and I didn’t give him my phone number, so no worries! Though I did give him phone number. The first thing I did after I joined this site was read all these blogs that other sugar babies have and many of them offer advice on what to do and what not to do. One thing they all said was to never give out your phone number to anyone. Instead they suggest getting a Google Voice number and using that for texting and calling. The way it works is that basically you choose a random phone number and then put in your real phone number so all of the texts and calls get forwarded to your phone. When you text or call someone it only shows the “fake” number. So that’s exactly what I did and after testing it out with a friend to make sure it worked–I was golden.

I suppose it would only be natural that I get at least one disgustingly piggish message from a guy on this site. I mean this place has to be crawling with creeps, so really I wasn’t that shocked, but I figure that if I’m going to be sharing my journey into this taboo world, then I should include this guy. I know I said that B seemed like he was looking for a prostitute, but this next guy, J, was really looking for one…or a high-class escort. Let me start off with the fact that he doesn’t have a picture, which I’ve read from plenty of sugar baby blogs is a red flag–they should at least have private pictures that they can invite you to see. Anyways, here’s the message in its entirety (I’ll bold the things that disgusted me).

“Hi There,

I have a couple of business meetings in your area coming up in about a month. So I was looking for someone that I could take out and have some fun with when I’m not doing my thing.

We can do anything you’d like, shopping, dining, outdoor activities, or whatever. I am not familiar with the area so you may have to throw some ideas out there. I’m open to spending however much your looking for, well within reason.

What do I expect from you, I have a couple dinners I need to go to for work in which I need a date for, this is where you would come in. We can go buy you something sexy to wear if you’d like. I also expect you to spend the night, and you know what that leads to. On that note, I do have something to ask of you, while this main seem piggish to ask for, I’d like to see at least one picture of a little more skin, if you know what I mean. I’ve been disappointed in the past by women who found their bodies unattractive (I prefer confidence over body type), and would like to see the full package before I pay for it.

If you are still interested in this arrangement, and can meet my expectations, send me an e-mail at                            . I hope to hear from you!

P.S. If you do decide to email me, make sure you put your profile number in the email somewhere, as you aren’t probably the only one I will send a message to, and I want to make sure I pick my favorite! I will also send you a picture in return as I am waiting for mine to get approved.

It started out okay and then just turned into a guy looking for a high-class prostitute or escort, which I’m not either of those. I’m all for trying something different and new…exciting, but I must have some morals, right? Yeah…morals and standards are a good thing to have.

I’m becoming more and more submerged into this taboo world and if I’m being completely honest, then I’ll openly admit that I’m opening myself and getting used to it. Every time I log in and see I have new unread messages or see how many visitors have been to my profile…I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t give me a confidence boost and make me feel good.

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