Blind Date

Truth be told…I’ve never been on a real date before. It’s quite pathetic actually…in all of my twenty years of existence I’ve never gone out on a date. I didn’t even think that people went on dates anymore unless they were already officially dating. So often these days you hear about people just hooking up and having a “thing” and then it possibly turning into more. I hardly hear about people going out on dates and that’s just sad.

While I was in high school I hung out with guys, but they would always go for my best friend at the time. After more than a few times I decided to give up and realize that all the guys would go for her. She was pretty and gladly put out. Put those two things together and any guy would go for her. All throughout high school this happened and I grew accustomed to it–it was the normal for me.

My first year of college came around and I was eager to change this terrible luck with guys around. It’s not like I was trying too hard because I wasn’t and honestly l could have tried a little harder. It didn’t make it any easier when 98% of the guys at my school were gay. I suppose that’s what you get when you go to a very diverse art school.

So here’s little ole me…never been on a date…let alone have an actual boyfriend. Can you say lame? Because I sure as hell can. 2013 came around and I promised myself that not only would I put myself first but I’d make more of an effort to put myself out there more– not put out, though. Ever since the beginning of this year I’ve definitely changed my whole attitude this year and it’s already paid off in more ways than one. I’ve become more confident in myself, and I’ve learned how to better stand up for myself in different situations. All-in-all I’m a much happier person even with all the crap going on in my life. I’m ready to put myself out there as well as all of the things that come with it–like being rejected, though I sure hope that doesn’t happen.

Tonight is going to be a good night no matter what. First actual date…here I come.


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