So You’re Donating Some Of Your Old Things?


Every day that I go into work I can without a doubt expect something weird to happen at least once throughout the day. Working at a donation center where all you do is sort through people crap old belongings, you’re bound to find something interesting. When I first started this job I was quick to learn that some people donate the most random and weirdest things! One day a girl in her early to mid twenties dropped some things off like every person before and after her did. Though after she left I was sorting through her things and I find myself holding up a homemade bong made out of PVC tubing. I honestly couldn’t believe it! My supervisor and I looked at each other and just shook our heads and laughed and away in the dumpster it went…but not before I snapped and picture of it.

So far I’ve found two toupee/wigs, two jock straps (disgusting), countless bags of actual trash, and yesterday I came across powdered milk for cats…. I’ve heard many times that someone once donated a bag of used sex toys. Living in a small town that seems to take their religion very serious, I’ve come across many books about sex, steamy romance novels, and all kinds of lingerie. It’s a good thing I don’t know any of these people because I don’t think I’d be able to see them and keep a straight face!

Before working here at GW I would go through my things to donate and wonder whether or not they’d take it. Now after working here for just about six months I know exactly what to donate and what to throw away. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if you should donate something or not, here are some tips to help you out and possibly not gross out the donation attendants:
1. Please don’t donate any used underwear, bras, boxers, boxers, jock straps
2. Don’t bring us your trash and ask us to throw it away. We’re not a trash facility!
3. We’d love to take your furniture but not if it’s in terrible shape.
4. Sorry, but we can’t take most baby things. This would include high chairs, cribs, any play structure, or strollers. Too many recalls.
5. Give us your clothes…unless they’re stained and ripped…then just throw them out.
The bottom line is use common sense!!


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