Big Dreams, Good Music, & Expensive Taste

Many people told me that “College is the best time of your life” countless times as I was going through high school–especially my junior and senior year. They had me hyped up on the fact that I’d be having the time of my life away from my family with total freedom! Now I’m not saying that I’m not having the time of my life, but there are definitely some negative things that go hand-in-hand with being in college that no one ever told me.

I’m only a year and a half into my college career and I learned so much about myself in the first semester alone. I suppose living in the third biggest city in the U.S will do that to you–never mind the fact that I was a freshmen in college. Columbia College Chicago is where my college life started. Though I no longer go there anymore, I will never forget the memories made there or the amazing friendships I made that will last a lifetime. Some people regret going to a school that they ended up not liking, and while I ended up vehemently disliking Columbia, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. You live and you learn and that’s exactly what I did. I became a completely different person that no one expected me to become. I grew from within and it shined outwards. Living right in the South Loop of Chicago was an undeniably eye-opening experience. Riding the EL for the first time was truly an exhilarating experience–scary but so exciting! Living right on State St. just two blocks over from Michigan Ave and maybe half a mile from the Magnificent Mile…it was the best (hello shopping!) and worst (…oh hey empty bank account…) thing to happen to me. I could go on and on with my love of the city and all my memories made there, but maybe those will come up another time.

Going though college has taught me a lot with more yet to be learned as I continue on. Many of the things that my dad said to me growing up were finally starting to make sense. “Make your bed!”–well that still doesn’t happen very often… “Clean up your room, it’s a big stye!”–oh how much I hate a dirty room now after having a roommate. One thing I’ve learned so far is to trust your gut. There were so many “oh shit” moments encountered that could have been avoided if I trusted my gut, but now I can look back on those time and laugh. By far the biggest lesson I learned in my first year of college is to be yourself and be happy.  On my very first night alone in my dorm I made the decision to start to live with no regrets and so far it’s been working out great for me. I’m a happier person and positivity is flowing throughout me.

I’m not too sure where this very first post of mine was going, but I’m sure there’s a point to be made in it somewhere. College is a time to experiment and find yourself. It’s a time to make friendships that will stand the test of time. It’s a time to make those mistakes, get crazy drunk if you want, be reckless and know that you’ll be having the time of your life. So dream big, listen to good music, and indulge a little bit.


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